Toffees are a British rock band formed in Milton Keynes in 2015. Since forming they have toured extensively in the UK building up momentum and success. They have been compared to such acts as Royal Blood, Kasabian, Jack White and Noel Gallagher with strong roots in rock and R&B.

Most recently Piers Nolan (lead singer/guitarist) has been working with Daniel Green (Coldplay producer). The effects of this can be best heard on such tracks as ‘NOT GONNA STOP’ and ‘WELL ‘OH’ WELL’ which clearly show the beginning of an evolution within the band.

​Last year they played a variety of venues and festivals all over the Uk including Brixton Jam (Tramploene headlining), Camden Rocks festival, Victorious festival, and a number of Charity Fests! This in part is due to their sponsorship by Clic Sargent Charity, whose events they have been involved with since 2015.


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