The Puss Puss Band

The Puss Puss Band

The Puss Puss Band are a two piece mainly studio based outfit from South Wales
comprising of multi instrumentalists Asa Galeozzie and Lee Pugh.

Both have worked with numerous artists and bands in the UK and the Welsh music industry over the last ten years as writers, and session musicians while also developing their sound engineering and studio production skills.

After a break from the industry Galeozzie and Pugh once again began writing,arranging and
producing the material that would go on to become The Puss Puss Band.

Influenced by the compositional and songwriting genius of artists like Brian Wilson, Burt Bacharach, David Bowie, Neil Young and Bill Nelson; Galeozzie and Pugh began shaping the idea of an amalgamation of simple pop/rock songs and more sonically ambitious ‘pocket epics’ with every idea being,conceived, written performed, engineered and produced by themselves.

With a big focus on pure, honest, fearless songwriting, and intricately woven melodies
The Puss Puss Band aim to blend the stripped bare feeling of acoustic indie pop and rock
with hints of the more classic, refined and warmer elements of jazz, folk, and blues, to create
songs and arrangements that don’t easily fall into a pigeon holed genre.

April 2017 saw the release of the debut album Echoes Across The Cruel Sea which features a guest appearance throughout by John Rabbit Bundrick (The Who, Free, Roger waters, Bob Marley…) On piano, Hammond organ, & Synths.
A follow up collaboration for the second album is also now underway.

The Puss Puss Band are currently promoting the new album and recently performed numerous live sets including a live acoustic set for the BBC.


Current Releases;

Echoes Across The Cruel Sea (2017)
– The full debut album
featuring John Rabbit Bundrick

The Puss Puss Band EP (2016)
– Four single pre album preview EP. (Album Due February 2017)

– Available now from Bandcamp

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