The Long Losts

The Long Losts

Hailing from New York, USA The Long Losts are a musical act made up of vocalist Anka and her husband Patrick on guitar that began in 2012 with the creation of their first song, If Only Boris Karloff Was My Dad. In 2014 they released their first album, Scary Songs To Play In the Dark. In October 2017 The Long Losts are set to release their 2nd album To night…
Their music combines elements of goth and punk with lyrics inspired by their love for each other and all the things that they love; Autumn, Halloween, nature, romance, old ghost stories and their own memories all wrapped in a dark Victorian aesthetic.
Patrick’s guitar playing switches from hard rock to punk to goth rock, while Anka’s vocals transition from a haunting whisper to a rocking scream with each song being it’s own distinct ghostly creation.






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The Long Losts
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