Sulfurized Inhabitants of the Matchbook

Sulfurized Inhabitants of the Matchbook

An American band with a major British influence. Undertones from late Lennon/McCartney songwriting, to powerful overtones of the early Bowie/Ronson years, SIOTM brings you on a musical journey of where rock was born, through the golden age, to where it has brought us today.

SIOTM have emerged from what was left of the 70s AOR. A revival?… No just forward reaching …in your face… ENLIGHTENMENT. Where’s the music gone? It didn’t go anywhere. If you have stopped looking, here is the rock you have not looked under yet.The song writing team of Pisano/Visconti has brought old vintage to shiny new and cool. Relevant?… You bet your ass – Listen LOUD!!!!






Sulfurized Inhabitants of the Matchbook
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