Samson Brown

Samson Brown

Samson Brown from Edmonton. AB is here and is making his mark on the Rap scene.
He has his sights on some major cities. A tour is in the makings for this young artist who is currently in
studio with Realtalkrecords, a rapidly growing label! Samson sends a positive message to his fans
through his lyrics:“To attain your goal, be true and real to yourself”
With the success of Samson’s single “The Real” and EP “Loyal To The Real” released on August 9th 2015.
Samson is getting ready to unleash his upcoming album titled,” I am Samson Brown” in the fall of
2017. Just last year Samson has hosted a SOLD out show at the Tribute Lounge in Edmonton.
We can expect great things to come from Samson Brown. He has a strong, driven passion and his
ambitious attitude is what is going to bring him up fast. Samson is one you will want to keep your eyes
on. He is coming!

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Samson Brown
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