Salvation Jayne

Salvation Jayne

Salvation Jayne are a young, forward-thinking female driven rock band with a distinctive dirty sound, and are steadily making a name for themselves on the UK scene due to their charisma and energetic live performances.

By mixing elements of rock, nu wave and blues, Salvation Jayne have created their own heavy, dynamic and dirty style, woven with dark lyrical themes which often take influence from TV shows such as American Horror Story and Dexter.

Formed in 2013, the band have worked hard paying their dues and earning the respect of music fans across the UK, gaining a large supportive fanbase after their many performances at several prestigious venues and festivals.

2017 sees Salvation Jayne with a fresh look, a brand new EP and video for their single ‘Burn It Down’, with more touring plans, and an ever increasing fanbase, including AC/DC drummer Chris Slade, and Clash drummer Topper Headon who described the band as “F****** brilliant!”.

Salvation Jayne are releasing their new single ‘Juno’ on November 8th and would love for you to hear it!

“Juno has big fuzzy riffs, powerhouse vocals and a huge hooky chorus meet up with the dark and melancholy dream-pop. Imagine if Interpol are covering Royal Blood songs whilst Wolf Alice take care of the sound.”

Here’s a YouTube link to the video which will also be released on the 8th November:

Salvation Jayne
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