Omega Diatribe

Omega Diatribe

Omega Diatribe was formed in 2008 by Gergo Hájer (guitar) and Ákos Szathmáry (bass). They bring some super heavy grooves combined with crazy polirhytmic elements.
After years of hard work, they finally released their full-length debut album titled IAPETUS which was nominated the ‘Best album of the year’ in Hungary, and landed on the second place.
The band also worked together with the legendary drummer Kevin Talley who is featured on their second release ‘Abstract Ritual’ which was released on the 26th of February in 2015.
Omega Diatribe was signed to the american record label Independent Ear Records on the summer of 2015. By 2016 the band was mostly playing abroad and festivals such as Euroblast with hope of playing for their fans at even more locations. The band gonna release their third record called ‘Trinity’ featuring the legendary producer Tue Madsen and released via Metal Scrap Records which is going to take the band to a whole new level!

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Omega Diatribe
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