Jesse Eplan

Jesse Eplan

My music consists of genres anywhere from Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop and R&B. Sometimes I refer my music as “Rop” because of how I portray a blend of different genres in my music. Music has always been a major part of my life and I will continue to try to be the best I can be.

Here’s my story:

I was introduced to music at a very young age, around 6 or 7. Having first heard Led Zeppelin, ACDC, The Beatles and many other great groups, this influenced me to start playing instruments. At a very young age I started playing the piano, and drums. I then moved on to guitar, bass guitar, and any instrument that I had the opportunity to play.

I have performed in many bands, as a lead singer, drummer and lead guitar player. My bands arranged gigs at many venues for charity events on Long Island and Manhattan. We raised thousands of dollars for charities that helped to fight diseases such as Crohns, Colitis and breast cancer.

As I continued to follow my passion, I discovered a talent which few people had. I have perfect pitch. I believed that I have developed this from the guitar and piano. I am able to hear different notes and to identify the letter that they are. I can easily identify the pitch and key of natural sounds like sneezes, coughs and the squeaking of a door. This has helped me with my next stage of music. Writing, producing and recording.




Jesse Eplan
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