New U.K. based rock band FAINITES has just released their debut EP “Battle Scars”, with distribution in the U.S. via Gravel Entertainment. In conjunction with the release, the band has shared an official music video for its lead single entitled “Geraldine”. The polished piece of alternative rock blends gritty, guitar riffs with driving rhythms and yearning melodies in an impactful introduction to the band’s music. (streaming link below)
Fainites create anthemic, intelligent rock music that’s not afraid to tackle unusual subject matter. “Geraldine was inspired by the true story of Geraldine Largay, a woman who went missing in 2013 while hiking on an Appalachian trail,” says frontman Chris Perrin. “She’d gotten lost and managed to survive 26 days in the wild before dying alone in her tent, surrounded by goodbye letters she had written to her loved ones. Her body wasn’t found for over 2 years. I don’t usually write songs from the perspective of other people’s lives, but Geraldine’s story really hit me. It’s not a stereotypical subject for a rock song, but I’d like to think the energy and melody is a fitting tribute to a woman who obviously had a real zest for life.”

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