EYEBALL is a collective of beings from Raleigh, NC who use guitars, drums, synthesizers, effects, noise, and feedback to conjure up their own brand of psychedelic neo-space rock. Formed in 2015 by drummer Trey McLamb and guitarist Myriam Martian through a mutual interest in art and music, the two began exploring effects-driven music combined with lyrical themes of mysticism, biology, science and astronomy. They were soon joined by bassist Brian Oaksford and keyboardist Aaron Albrecht. They have released two videos directed by Josh Sokal, “Acid War” and the music-film “Inside The Moon” as well the 4-song EP produced by Jeff Eacho titled “Paradox of Eternal Limits”.

“Inside The Moon” music film:

“Acid War” music video:

WEBSITE: https://www.eyeball-band.com
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/eyeball.ensemble
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/eyeball_band
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/eyeball.band
BANDCAMP: https://eyeball-band.bandcamp.com

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