Enabling Cain

Enabling Cain

Enabling Cain is a two time nominated Josie Music Award band. Our main influences are prob from many styles ..from clutch to slipknot to black sabbath…were all veterans of music and decided to create this project of writing some good music . Our singer is a marine corp vet who has a wild inspiring way to look at life and really puts it in the music. We’ve been together for 3 1/2 years. We have had a great run here in 2016 with a lot of shows This year of 2017 we have stepped up and the new album The Equation is taking off with rocket fuel. We are proud to say We are nominated for two categories for the Josie Music Awards this year @ Nashville,Tenn as well….Artist of the Year and Entertainer of the Year. We have our music on the air in 60 plus stations all over the world with there Ep (Karma & there LP The Equation) We here at Enabling Cain hope to bring the best of ourselves each and every time we preform, we hope that our music and way of life can influence your day to day in a positive and uplifting way as well as being there for those that may need a sympathetic friend or shoulder in your time of need, as long as we’re writing and playing music you can bet that our commitment to our fans and family are our number 1 priority!
Travis Sayre-vocals
Steve Sanford-Drums
Wade Morrison-Bass
Troy Dayton-rhythm guitar
Chad McElwee-lead guitar

here is a video of a benefit show we did for a fallen friend :










Enabling Cain
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