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Super fantastic orchestral/industrial/symphonic power rock band. Well you all know I love this kind of music and these guys rock big time, full of guitar riffs and powerful melodic cords every song is one great story which will capture your imagination beyond any other, its like your at the theater watching a show. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is out of this world.


ZOMBIE SAM is an eccentric soundtrack composer/orchestra conductor and plays his unique blend of cinematic horror rock/industrial, infused with heavy, catchy guitar riffs and addictive story-lines.

It all started as a one-man-band in 2011, one year later evolved into a trio and finally, after the name change in 2014, Zombie Sam (compositions, orchestrations and all the instruments) keeps the career as Soundtrack/Music Producer.

The band brought forth their debut album as ZOMBIE SAM in June 2013, titled “Self Conscious Insanity”, released internationally under Coroner Records (IT) and distributed by eOne in the U.S. The album is characterized by a trademark dark fairytale, Halloween- ish atmosphere. The record also features SOPHIA, of SEASON OF GHOSTS (ex-BLOOD STAIN CHILD) on two, haunting tracks, “A Hallow Tale” and “The Awake”

Sam has been working as a soundtrack and music producer for several years, graduated from the Giuseppe Verdi’ s Academy of Music with Honours and had the privilege to have been student of the legendary orchestra conductor, Claudio Abbado. He has traveled a lot, working as composer and arranger with various, European orchestras, composing music for advertisements, film and video games and has also been involved in many band projects with famous touring acts, as professional session musician.

Currently working as SOUNDTRACK/ MUSIC PRODUCER for his company, INVICTUS MEDIA.






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