Zeal Static

Zeal Static


Hailed as one of the most talented and versatile Hip-Hop artists from Down Under, Fiji-born and Australian-raised rap juggernaut Zeal Static is thrilled to announce his eagerly awaited single “Fight My Battles”.

“There is always a struggle between good and evil, obstacles and ambition, rich and poor, strength and weakness, love and hate, and that’s what ‘Fight My Battles’ is all about. It’s a constant battle between your inner self and the outer elements. At the end of the day you have to overcome your fears and weaknesses to overthrow those elements that’s holding you back to achieve victory,” the buzzing Australian rapper explains.

“Fight My Battles” will be available on all digital stores including iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play amongst others on September 2, 2016. The single is the follow up to Zeal Static’s “Dreams And Wishes”, which received major feedback throughout Oceania and “Fight My Battles” is sure to follow in the same lane.

In related news, Zeal Static is currently working on his first EP release, which will undoubtedly expose his talent to the mainstream and give him the exposure that he well deserves.

Zeal Static is no newbie to the Hip-Hop circuit and a well-known underground rapper in Australia and beyond since years, who perfected his craft to a level rarely reached by others. Offering something for everyone and every mood, this rapper got the complete package mixed with an unmatched style that infects the streets of Hip-Hop. Calling his music “rebelistic Rap”, Zeal Static is not your average emcee, you can say he is cut from a different cloth. His attention grabbing lyrics, voice and energy leaves the audience in awe. Listing Hip-Hop legends like Tupac, Ice Cube, Rakim And Big Daddy Kane as his musical influences, showcases Static’s wide taste in music represented in his own rebelistic style.

To learn more about Zeal Static, visit his website at www.meettherebel.com

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/zealstatic
Website: www.meettherebel.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/zealstatic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/realzealstatic
Instagram: www.instagram.com/zealstatic

Zeal Static
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