Wille and the Bandits

Wille and the Bandits


Fantastic band with a mix of rock/blues and a very good old school sound mixed with a modern twist. We are slightly bias as we saw them in play live recently and they rocked the house, they defiantly have that 60’s/70’s sound and they rock both hard and mellow. There is some fantastic instruments to including a foot piano. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and there music is second to none.

“The Kaiser Chiefs called these guys the new Seasick Steve, but they are much, much more than that; surely designed for big things” – Classic Rock Magazine

The band are renowned for creating an astonishingly huge sound for a trio,incorporating hypnotic grooves from world music to heavy rock. The band may use wailing guitars and vocals, six string bass and big drum sounds for heavier numbers and subtler instruments such as double bass, ethnic percussion and various slide guitars for mellower subtleties. The band has been praised in the press for their albums; bursting at the seams with textures, originality and soul. Rock legends such as Ian Paice, Joe Bonamassa and Francis Rossi have also praised the band’s musicianship.

“Wille is a suberb slide player, I love what these guys are doing” -Joe Bonamassa

“Love the soul in their music” -Bob Harris

“Number 6 in the top 10 bands to watch at Glastonbury this year”
Nick Grimshaw Radio 1

Wille and the Bandits have started to gather wider attention with National radio stations in the UK, Belgium and Germany spinning their tracks and radio one listing them as one of the acts to watch out for at Glastonbury 2014: Voted number 6 in the top ten must see bands at Glastonbury Festival 2014 – BBC Radio 1

The band seem to have created something that is not an appeal to a particular generation or muso type, their audiences are packed with people from all walks of life, their music crosses cultural and age barriers. The band were picked by the Daily Telegraph as “one of the best live acts in the country” and have now put their live sound to disc with “Live in Gouvy” which was recorded in an intimate, yet famous venue called Ferme de la Madelonne, a working farm in the middle of the Ardenne forest in Belgium. The venue was chosen because of its 40 year heritage of hosting top musicians and its unbelievable acoustics and character. The band wanted a venue where they could literally stare into the audiences’ eyes and feel the energy of the gig and this is exactly what happened. The album will only be available in the UK at the live shows throughout the UK tour in October.






Wille and the Bandits
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