Will Tommy Jones

Will Tommy Jones




If you love Cat Stevens then these guys are for you, but not only that imagine Willie Nelson crossed with Cat Stevens, then add some rock, jazz and throw some country in for good measure then that’s what you get. They call it Hick Rock and ill be honest with you its damn good stuff, but then I am a lover of Cat and Willie. This is so unique yet it captivates your mind and soul at the same time. Vocally Fantastic, Lyrically Superb and the fusion of music is supersonic, mellow and very peaceful. One to check out for sure.


Will Tommy Jones consists of three guys from rural north Texas doing the only thing they know how to do, simply because it is all they have ever done. The music produced has that hick-like twang of Hank Williams Sr, the feel of Cat Stevens and the eclectic style of Lou Reed. The band has labeled it “Hick-Rock”. It is a fusion of mellow rock, classical, jazz & country w/ a Latin beat. Their debut album, “Will Tommy Jones” by Will Tommy Jones, released on the TMG record label on August 13th 2013. Production has begun on their 2nd album, “Calling On All Nations”, at Dang! Studios in Dallas, Texas w/ an estimated release date of Summer 2015. Lead singer/songwriter & keyboard player, Gary Joe Mitchell, was classically trained on the piano from the age of 9 until graduation from high school and upon graduation he entered the University of North Texas as a music major w/ a minor in radio/tv/film. From a very young age he was obsessed w/ old school country music from the 1930’s and the 1940’s, leading him to developing a vocal style that is unique and recognizable to the listener. Drummer & backup vocalist, Mark Anderson, began playing drums at the age of 8 and was heavily influenced as a child by his father’s taste in music which included Pete Fountain, Buddy Rich, Chet Atkins & Floyd Kramer. As he grew into his teens he was heavily influenced by Frank Zappa, Little Feat, The Beatles & Jethro Tull. He and Gary have been collaborating as songwriters since 2009. The have played in bands together since the early 1980’s. The youngest and newest addition to the band is lead guitar player, Chris Tucker.At the age of 13 he used to jam on weekends w/ Mark and Gary until he reached the age of about 16. Then for the next 11 years, Chris was no where to be found. In December of 2013. Will Tommy Jones lost their lead guitarist and began searching for Chris to no avail. Both Mark & Gary slipped into a state of depression for the next several months. Chris was the only guitarist they wanted to play with and they had given up all hope of ever finding him again. In the spring of 2014, the band recieved an email from him out of the clear blue.. He was totally unaware of the situation. Some things are meant to be. The three of them had finally found their way home..











Will Tommy Jones
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