Hailing from the East Coast, West Coast, and in between, the five members of Wildcliffe met and formed in Hampton Virginia in 2016.


Amber – Growing up, Amber’s environment was fuel for her future. She began expressing her passion for singing as soon as she could talk. She started writing lyrics at 11 years of age when she got her first guitar. Amber was submersed in the local scene at a young age. Her mother managed and booked regional bands and was active in the local Central New York scene. Her father was a drummer in various bands that toured the Northeast. Her grandfather also sang with regional groups during the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s including performing with the legendary Ronnie James Dio.

She previously fronted and co-founded A Couple Strangers with Matt MacDuffie forming a singer/songwriter collaboration that continues to go strong with this new project. Other projects include: Electric Heat 2007 and rock collaborations w/ musicians other artists in 2013 and 2014 in NY.

The style & lyrics of the following artists also have provided Amber with great inspiration: Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Led Zeppelin, Steven Tyler, Layne Staley. Stevie Nicks, Patti Smith, Kurt Cobain, Axle Rose, Tori Amos, Courtney Love, Amy Lee, Flyleaf, PJ Harvey, Juliette Lewis &, Maynard James Keenan of T00L, and Linda Perry.

Matt – At the same time that I first began to learn to play guitar, I also fell in love with the grunge music of the 90s. I wanted to be a part of that scene and that feeling. It was more about the feeling than it was the technical aspects of songwriting or guitar playing. When I play and with the songs I write, I am always chasing that “high” that comes with performing something that speaks to me and raises the hairs on my arms. Through the years my taste in music evolved, and my ears were drawn more and more from grunge and alternative, to hard rock and metal.
Hometown: Pulaski, NY

Rob – Born in Baltimore MD, Rob has played in bands since age 12. Now enlisted in the US Air Force. Rob has a wide range of influences from Tom Petty and classic rock bands to Periphery and technical/progressive metal.

Past bands: TBR, Resistance, Digin Evolution, Sick View, Black Hat Marvel

Nathan – Nathan Keiffer found his passion at the age of 14. Born and raised in Seattle, WA. His first, of many, lessons was at The Seattle Drum School of music. There he was shaped into a versatile drummer who has played with multiple bands of various genres including rock, hip-hop, alternative, folk, reggae, and hard rock/metal. His first band was with The Kleeners who were a collaboration of friends who all had this interest in music. This is the band he got his start gigging around town. He went on to play with multiple different bands until he was asked to audition for Verlee for Ransom. He bonded with the energetic group as they played shows all over Washington state.

In 2013, Nathan decided he needed to make a life change and enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. He wound up in Hampton roads of Virginia. There he met up with a coworker who was looking to play music. Rob had come across an ad from a singer/song writer duo who had just moved to the area from Austin TX. Once they all met and played music, they knew they had something special going

Eric – Eric is a Chicagoland native and hit the music scene at age 15. Initially playing bass in an acoustic duo, he later helped to form Big Daddy Sweets. They were a hard rock band that played classic covers. After 2 years, Eric was later recruited by The Aranias who were a psychedelic rock band out of Harvard, Illinois.

Amber Criste – Vocals
Matt MacDuffie – Guitar
Rob Smith – Guitar
Nathan Keiffer – Drums
Eric O’Malley – Bass

Instagram: @Wildcliffemusic

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