Wild Horse

Wild Horse



Superb band and very unique not scared to play with sounds from rock to reggae and more. Sounding a lot like the Rolling Stones but slightly more punk gives them that edge of sharpens and purity that makes them great to listen to. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music just rocks.


“Definitely check out these guys if you get a chance – they are destined for big things.” From a review at The Brunswick, Brighton by Kaye Inglis. Wild Horse was formed in April 2013 by two brothers, Henry & Jack Baldwin & their friend, Ed “Barking” Barnes, after playing in various combinations at “Rock School” sessions. The combination of the three instantly worked forming a talented and skilled band with massive stage presence & ability. They have a shared love of the best in R&B taking their influences from the greats such as, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Hendrix, The Who, Neil Young etc. and are not afraid to experiment with Reggae & punk influences to give a unique sound & depth to their own songs. After initially playing their versions of Rock Classics, the band quickly & successfully started writing their own songs, which became favourites with their audience. After professionally recording several tracks, Wild Horse were recognised by becoming 2014 “Rock The House” nominees. Wild Horse have now completed recording their first album “It’s Begun”, which is entirely made up of original material, all songs have received airplay leading to four of these tracks being signed to Factory Fast Records of New York for inclusion in a series of EP’s, The first The Mysterious Projekt X having just been released on iTunes. Wild horse are starting to recording their second album, the tracks just keep coming. The reviews of their album have been brilliant with many comparing them favourably to a mixture of The Stones & Black Keys. Wild Horse are a band like no other modern young group, they are different in all the good ways. Their love of the music & playing to live audiences is an experience not to be missed.







Wild Horse
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