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Von Rocker



Great rock band from way down under, but the music is defiantly on top. These guys know how to rock and they do it old school style metal which is what us fans love, rifts , rifts and more rifts. plus some huge vocals. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is just ace.


Von Rocker by name Von Rocker by nature.

Von Rocker is one of the great Australian independent Rock n Roll bands. It’s tough tongue in cheek style of Rock n Roll is honest and refreshing. From the first demo/album release “Von Rocker The Greatest Hits” (available on itunes) Von Rocker set it’s musical bench mark with great songs such as The Pussy Cat Club, Two Thumbs, Throw a Leg and Redneck Groove. Continuing the tradition, Von Rocker’s second album “Double Platinum” is sure to press the all right Rock n Roll buttons.

Self confessed “self promotional harlots” the band makes no apologies for doing what it takes to make a noise and grab some attention. Their gorilla style of self promotion recently paid off when a new song listed for release with the Double Platinum album “WE RISE” was snapped up by Vision Films Australia. The song “WE RISE” has been incorporated into the soundtrack of the internationally released true story Rise (of the underdog). The song is featured in the movie is available on itunes and will be released on the movie soundtrack album later this year.

It’s all go go go in the Von Rocker Studio churning out great Aussie Rock n Roll so stay tuned.





Von Rocker
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