Vie Jester

Vie Jester



Superb rock/metal/power band with a fantastic unique diversity. You imagine Alice In Chains crossed with Nirvana with the added bonus of some hard core rock music but then to top it all throw in some great melodic metal sounds with some huge guitar riffs and bang, you have these guys. Vocally supreme, Lyrically Superb and there music is just oozing awesomeness from every pour. These are a must have to any collection.


Heavy and harmonious electric riffs, melodic vocal harmonies, and progressive grooves create the massive sound that is Vie Jester. Generating comparisons to monster rock groups such as Tool and Alice In Chains, this L.A. based band brings forth a unique and ambitious take on three piece rock music. Inspired by socially important issues and esoteric teachings, they vie to incorporate important messages within their lyrics. Vie Jester: a modern power trio that flexes the artistic side of hard rock.



Vie Jester
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