The VÈLONIÑOS from Glasgow and the west of Scotland, their musical influences firmly rooted in Americana, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country and Rockabilly inspired by the likes of Hank Williams, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins and The Everlys to name but a few.

Davie Duncan (Vocals) and Kenny McLellan (Guitar) were previously members of the early 80s Rockabilly trio the Shakin’ Pyramids. Completing the line-up are old pals Laurie Cuffe (Lead Guitar) formerly of Glasgow’s Cuban Heels and The One’o’Clock Gang and Shug Jamieson (Double Bass) of The Spooks, The Kingpins and so many more.

The boys hadn’t seen each other for many years until an impromptu get together followed by a few jam sessions rekindled the fire. Enjoying the experience of writing together, invitations to play live at Glasgow’s Ceòl’s Craic Americana Night and guest as part of Festival 2014 in celebration of Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games followed. The guys decided to take things further by releasing a digital EP in July 2015 followed by the release of a full-length studio album in February 2016.

As Davie says, “life has taken us all in different directions over the years but at the end of the day we’ve never lost our love for the music that kindled the fire in the first place, it’s just good to sing”.

During those intervening years Davie and Shug got seriously into their passion for road cycling, so much so that one of their songs, HEY VÈLONIÑO!, a salute to the greatest race on earth itself would give the group it’s name.

“We’d like to think there’s a little of who we are and where we come from in the songs too, LEVENGROVE PARK, HELENSTOWN and THESE QUIET LANDS are all relevant to where we live and we hope you’ll enjoy this album for what it is: a no nonsense rockin’ record in all it’s different guises”.

Get yer ankles movin’!


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