Pure brilliant melodic punk/rock band and we mean brilliant indeed, there music is not only mind blowing but a real pleasure to listen to, very uplifting and satisfying to the ears. Vocally supreme, Lyrically fantastic and the music is second to none. Defiantly check these guys out.


” Kick-ass, in your face, on your back, muscular – if VALENTINO IS DEAD weren’t a crunchy and melodic punk rock band they’d be a certified danger to society.” – Tony Clayton-Lea (The Irish Times). VALENTINO IS DEAD is a melodic 4-piece band from Ireland that’s turning heads on both sides of the Atlantic with their debut album ‘Misadventures in Punk Rock’. Live, they weave a clever set of instantly captivating and diverse original songs, loaded with big-hooks and ear-worm melodies, with some tasteful crowd-pleasers giving them broad appeal right across the board.

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