Underground Fight

Underground Fight



Great hard rock band with some awesome sounds indeed, hard hitting music accompanied by some cool heavy straight from the heart and soul every day  life lyrics give these guys that edge others struggle to gain. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically super and the music is second to none. Well worth checking this lot out.


When 3-year-old Kurt Beleck and his family moved from Florida to a small town in the middle of Michigan in 1995, Zinc was the first kid he met…in daycare. It was full-on hatred at first, but they soon became best friends, closer than brothers. Zinc grew up in a musical family and started out on drums (like his grandfather and uncle) before he switched over to guitar. Kurt and Zinc bonded over a common passion for music that drove them to pursue it; they started their first band as freshmen and played throughout high school. After spending roughly 7 years with the band, who at the time was “In This Life,” Crosscut went on hiatus from the band to pursue a college degree and join the US military. After returning from deployment to Afghanistan in January 2013, he reunited with his brothers Zinc, Kurt, to continue on in their career in the band known as “Underground Fight Club.” Kurt and Zinc met The Godfather, a recent graduate of Airplane Mechanics School, when he crashed their high school graduation party, and they decided to change it up and add a second vocalist. From UNDERGROUND FIGHT CLUB’s humble beginnings in Zinc’s basement, it became clear that they had discovered their sound. Zinc elaborates, “We all love music that is aggressive and in your face but that you can also relate to. The Godfather adds a rap vibe to the mix. Together we started using all these strengths to build the sound that we have now.” As for the band name, Kurt says, “We all come from a place where you fight to survive. Sometimes not even a physical fight, but a fight of mental control and self-stability.” He continues, “UNDERGROUND FIGHT CLUB represents a way of life, whether you’re an MMA fighter with a title, a musician reaching beyond the stars or just an everyday person that works the 9-to-5. We all fight to make it in life. Together these their unique personalities have fused into a common unit to create a living band that thinks…hurts…loves…GROWS. The diversity comes through in the music, from the drinking anthem “Top Shelf” to the powerful angst of “Lights Out” to the thought-provoking salute to the Second Amendment that is “America.” After a struggle because of musical differences Underground Fight Club parted ways with “The Godfather” in early 2014. The band is in the process of writing their full album due to be released in 2015 UNDERGROUND FIGHT CLUB is currently recording at Sounds+Sights Studios in Traverse City, MI with producer Trevor Kustiak (Evans Blue, Rains). Their self-titled debut 3-song EP UNDERGROUND FIGHT CLUB is available now, and the first single “Top Shelf” is now in rotation on SiriusXM Octane. A full-length album and tour will follow in 2015.





Underground Fight
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