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Tweed & Hyenas is an indie trio from South East London and started out as the solo project of Faroe Islands native singer and guitarist Jón Klæmint Hofgaard. After discovering their mutual affinity for post-rock songs of artists like Dirty Projectors, Deerhoof and Grizzly Bear, Tweed & Hyenas soon grew into a full band of collaborators with Ed Burton on the drums and Ben Madeley on guitar. They play what some have called lyrical guitar-fuelled soul/jazz music.

After having their song Norðasta Horn selected for the acclaimed NX records mixtape, they have gone on to receive plays from BBC 6 Music as well as performing a co-headline slot alongside artist FEMME at the Pure Gold festival held in London’s South Bank Centre.

The album has been recorded, produced and mixed by Sean Woodlock and co-produced and co-mixed by Jens L. Thomsen in Hackney Road Studios in London. It has been mastered by Jason Goz and Kirstin Helgadóttir has designed the cover.

The release date for the vinyl (in collaboration with Tutl) is TBA.


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Tweed & Hyenas
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