Talented singer/songwriter multi instrumentalist. Now if you like your music to be different and very unique then this is for you, with a huge array of instruments & sound machines there is no stopping the flow of pure genius. almost psychedelic in nature with heavy influences from old school rock bands imagine crossing T-Rex, The Beatles, The Smashing Pumpkins, with Pink Floyd &  Jefferson Airplane then to top it all with some Nirvana. Which ever way you look at it there’s something for everyone and this guy will defiantly keep your senses entertained. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically very good and the music pure talented uniqueness.


Trendlaser is Trend Laser: vocals, guitar(s), bass, fx, keyboards (incl. Synth, seq, sound loops, programmable sounds) and who knows what–anything he can make a racket with. Influences from The Beatles to Nirvana, Alice in Chains to Pink Floyd. Current favorite is The Brian Jonestown Massacre. (Of course, Trendlaser likes what he does and can hardly wait for you to hear his music.) Started a couple of bands in his hometown, Glen Burnie, Md. The Basics which morphed into ALLY, then Ally morphed into something so far afield from what he wanted–he dissolved it. Headed west. This in part to remove himself from his drug of choice: DMT (a recipe). Not a physical addiction–just liked it too much. Side effects: Standing on the side of the road stark-naked waving at people driving by. Clearly something had to be done. Winds up in LA with a suitcase and a few bucks. Had some more life experiences, took acting lessons, fell in and out of love a couple times. Pulled his strat from under the bed where it had been untouched for about a year. Started writing songs– the best he’d ever done (in content and emotion), got some recording equipment and voila!

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