Fantastic Gothic Rock band, if you love gloom death and dark music then you will love these guys. You can hear the big 80’s goth influences along with some great metal rifts etc. I am a fan of Gothic music as some of you may well know and these guys rock. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is just the ticket.


Tor Marrock are a band from the mountains of West Wales. They began in the summer of 2005 releasing a demo entitled ‘Death of Summer’ followed by their debut album ‘A Gothic Romance’ in 2007. These early releases saw the band experiment and find their way musically. During the following years the band played selective live gigs and truly developed their sound to create the essence of what Tor Marrock is today. Tor Marrock are influenced by the genres of Doom, Death, Black, Gothic and 80’s metal.Creating what they call Cellar Metal 2014 saw the release of the long awaited second album ‘Destroy the Soul’ out now on Swedish label, Black Vulture Records.


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