Tom George

Tom George



Very talented singer/songwriter, singing a diverse array of  rock/alternative his talent does not stop there he also plays all of the instruments. Vocally fantastic,Lyrically superb and the music equally as great. This guy is one to check out.


Tom George is a songwriter whose music has been compared to the Stone Roses, Squeeze and Nick Drake. As the suggests, his music is very diverse, making the usual tag of singer-songwriter somewhat lacking. Based in Liverpool, UK, Tom not only sings and composes all his material, he also plays all the guitars, bass and drums on his recordings. Tom’s first CD ‘Postcards’ ranges from chiming, melodic pop to the acoustic funk. In reviewing ‘Postcards’, liverpool Acoustic said this: “…‘So Naive’ makes an excellent summary of the album – Britpop guitars, a hint of the sixties in the drums, psychedelic lyrics, vocals drifting in and out of a daydream. It highlights just how well-rounded a package Tom George is…” Tom’s latest tracks have a post-punk feel. In My Private World is a catchy, upbeat classic with clashing guitars, while Sharks has a moody, almost Joy Division-like atmosphere. Tom plays concerts around the UK and Europe, having appeared at several festivals including Glastonbury and on Channel 4 television

Tom George
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