Antwerp, Belgium: Grunge band, Tithonus,is breaking out! Tithonus has their roots deep into
the famous sounds of Seattle’s grunge sound. This band is ready to get on tours, more festivals and
other fantastic venues! Tithonus has been performing all over Belgium, Norway, Germany and the
Netherlands over the last couple of years and are looking forward to performing in many other cities
and countries! There are no boundaries for Tithonus.
“Tithonus indeed pushes boundaries within the global grunge-scene – partially because of those
aforementioned noise-elements. Making them innovative in both styles”
They released their self titled EP in 2016 and are currently working on their next to be released at a later date,
Currently Tithonus is looking to further their performances, full force, in the music scene. This band is hard
working, devoting everything into their music!
Tithonus is a MUST SEE band!

Website: http://tithonus.wixsite.com/tithonus
Rosner Management Services: http://www.rosnermanagement.com/tithonus.htm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tithonusmusic/
Booking Agent: Azariah Paris: azparisrocks15@gmail.com


Christie Hails
Email: indierocks1@outlook.com

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