Tijuana Death Shot

Tijuana Death Shot


TIJUANA DEATH SHOT (tee.uh.wahh.na- unless you’re Mexican) are a rock band from Manchester, England- which is pretty unheard of.

They formed in 2015 and combine the irreverence of Bluesy Punk Rock with the punch of Metal. They go by the Umbrella term: “Heavy Rock” in an attempt to please everyone and avoid the inevitable onslaught of Elitists. One reviewer termed them: “intelligent, scuzzy rock”- with their drummer taking the credit for any aforementioned intelligence.
Coming from a range of musical backgrounds (Punk, Blues, Jazz, Latin) they incorporate a range of styles into their music, both obviously and subtly. Their exciting and theatrical stage shows (featuring megaphones, blood, and a whole lot of glitter) are making them a unique new staple to the Mancunian rock scene.

Their debut 3-track EP is available for FREE on Soundcloud now at

You can also like them (hint hint) at https://facebook.com/tjdeathshot

JO QUINCY (22) Lead Vox & Rhythm Guitar
Some sort of half-male half-female with more makeup than sense. He plays guitar (badly) and has an affinity for saying “woo!” a lot. His vocal style is unique and eclectic, yet raw and full of a brash British tone. Jo is the main songwriter in the band and writes lyrics that are smart and witty (most of the time). He’s a Leo and likes long walks on the beach. Jo edits and directs the band’s music videos because he has a Degree in Filmmaking that isn’t doing much else.

TOM HARRIS (24) Drums
Tom is a funk-inspired camera-shy drummer from Swinton. Combining the punch of Tommy Lee and the funkiness of Jimmy Chamberlin, Tom’s playing style is unique and recognisable. He also dabbles in keyboards and synths from time to time. Sometimes Jo makes him wear silly hats to draw more attention to him with they play gigs.

JAMES BINNIE (31) Lead Guitar & Mixing/ Mastering
James’ playing style is incredibly versatile and raw. He is also the mixing/ mastering guru behind Death Shot’s current work. James plays guitar left-handed despite being right-handed because he’s a freak. He also likes to change his guitar-parts half-way through filming a music video to annoy Jo.


Oli is the newest addition to Death Shot, joining after being impressed by their live show. He plays a 6-string fretless bass, which never fails to impress onlookers.

Tijuana Death Shot
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