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The Switchma-en



Great punk/alternative/funk/industrial, well that’s what they class themselves as, truth be known they cover a bit of every music genre in there own unique style but the roots are puckish. Reminding us of an old school Billy Idol or Garry Newman with a touch of Bowie. Vocally good, Lyrically fantastic and the music is a unique punk/industrial mash that works very well indeed.


The Switch Ma-en are from Manchester in the UK. The name derives from many aspects.

The first one from the Mexican absurdist writer Juan José Arreola who wrote the book El Guardagujas (The Switchman)

Secondly from the life/writing style of the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa (The Disquiet of Being) who metamorphosed into different personas throughout his life in order to vary his writing style. A true method writing.

Thirdly, What is the ‘Ma-en’ word all about ? Are we ma/n or are we m/en ? We can be anything we want to be and as Ghandi once said ‘Be the change in yourself’ and you might realise that the world you thought was bad actually starts to gets better. By using the quantum state we can figure out how to get out of the box instead of just procrastinating about it. The basic classical state is ‘you are either with us or against us ?’ A not B or B not A. The quantum state allows two more states A & B and neither A or B. The latter is the way out of the box to a new paradigm from repeating the mistakes of the first two of perpetual conflict.

Seasoned musicians, artists and philosophisers carrying on in the in pre-punk ‘do it yourself’ spirit of Fluxus. Our first release is a self produce music video called Jaded Helm (This Eyeball Never Sleeps).

Our first release is about the increasing surveillance state monitoring, the illusion of fiat paper currency compared to genuine assets such as time, community and actual useable property and utensils. The upcoming JADE HELM 15 RMT exercises (July-September 2015) taken place in the Southern states of the USA and the justified suspicion of those states such as Texas and FEMA camps. The increasing homogenisation of all social groups into one lifeless totalitarian Grey State across the world and how this is achieved through the Hegelian Dialectic or Divide & Conquer. The warnings from the Founding Fathers of the USA and the ignorance of the masses, the Shleep too apathetic to make a stand for themselves.

The song is performed in an alternative indie punk outlaw country manner in solidarity of the Texans who asr sick to death of the DC’s interference in their affairs. Sung and performed with wit and cynicism in equal measure in the spirit of the legendary protest song 16 Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Our future songs and styles will be different so we don’t get pigeon holed (and remain The Switch Ma-en by always being in transit in what we do. A true movement is static. We will cover different alternative issues not covered by the main stream sanitised media. In that respect we also hark back to the writing ethos of The Strangers, John Cooper Clarke and Mark E Smith.

Best regards Johnny de Guyse

The Switchma-en
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