Good rock/indie 3 piece band with a unique blend of heavy rock and melodic ballads. Vocally good Lyrically great and the style of music is fantastic.


“WE’RE JUST HERE TO MAKE GOOD MUSIC.” With those words, front man Joshua Courtright laid down the mandate for Indie Rock 3-piece THE SUSPENSE. Together with Chris Bex on drums and B.J. Therio on bass, the trio began crafting original, driving music that spanned the bridge between melodic ballads and hard rock. With a new lineup composed of Billy “Dozer” Kesner on drums and Josh Williams on bass, THE SUSPENSE is poised to take the stage by storm and bring back GOOD music to your ears!

CONCERT HIGHLIGHTS * Jul. 2013 – eNVy Showcase @ House of Blues, Las Vegas * Nov. 2012 – Count’s Vamp’d w/Viridian & Leaving Springfield * Oct. 2012 – Blue Martini w/Ashley Red * Jul. 2012 – Maryland Parkway Festival, Las Vegas.



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