The Sun Kings

The Sun Kings hail from Wellington New Zealand – a long way from blighty but close to home and heart for 3 ex-pat Englishman and a Brazilian. We are  Diogo Freire (drums), Andy Galinski (guitars), Steve Hughes (bass) and Andy Marsh (guitars, vocals). Inspired by indie rock and brit pop we’ve added our own unique antipodean flavour that mixes UK rock with a bit of Kiwi garage band and some excellent local craft beer.

We’ve release 2 albums to date of which “Never Look Straight At The Sun” is the first official album and follows on from 2014’s release of collected demos (available under the title “milestones”). We’re into the live band scene here in Wellington which is alive and well and at times pretty eclectic. The songs were recorded in Wellington and the album was mixed and produced by The Sun Kings. We continue to work on new material and are hoping to get a new album out later this year.

links to the album and Facebook site here.


The Sun Kings
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