The Shotgun Alliance

The Shotgun Alliance


Super rockband with all the right sounds in all the right places, reminds us of Hurt, 3 Doors Down, Foo Fighters etc. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is pure, easy and awesome. These guys are well worth checking out, they have that modern edge to there music yet keeping the traditional good old rock we all love to here. Digging these guys big time.


Originating in 2013, The Shotgun Alliance is poised, locked, and ready to engage the public. Hailing from the outskirts of Birmingham, AL, this group of five
has steadily been declaring war on the status quo with every show. With a sound that has been described as “ amalgamation Classic Rock, Hard Rock, with elements of
Nu Metal, Hardcore, and Pop Punk rolled into one orgasmic blend” (EMP Magazine Nov. 2014 Issue), The Shotgun Alliance is seeking to appeal to a broad spectrum of fans.
Possessing a strong work ethic coupled with single-minded dedication to music, The Shotgun Alliance is ready to play on stages both large and intimate. Their lyrical
content paints scenes from a broad spectrum of emotion with the purpose of identifying with the listener regardless of their mood. The larger an alliance grows,
the stronger it can become. The only thing missing from this alliance is you.

The Shotgun Alliance
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