The Peaks and Valleys

The Peaks and Valleys

The Peaks and Valleys is 24 year old David Mosco from Hamilton, Ontario. The music mainly consists of post-rock. Here are David’s thoughts on the upcoming debut album:

“This is the first collection of songs that I’ve written completely on my own from start to finish. What started as a bunch of riffs, slowly turned out to be something more. It’s been the background noise in my head for the last few years. Some of it feels a little rough around the edges, which to me, serves as a reminder that it was all recorded in bedrooms and basements. Some songs are short, simple tracks. Others others are longer, more thought out pieces.

To put it simply: These are the songs I wrote when words failed me.

I hope you enjoy it.”

‘Finding Home’ will be released in summer 2017.

Suddenly, Life

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The Peaks and Valleys
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