The Littlest Fox

The Littlest Fox



Not often are we graced with the presence of a folk group on Rock Bandom yet alone a really good one. This duo are simply fantastic, their voices are heavenly to the ears like a mix of Stevie Nicks, The Corrs and kirsty Maccoll wrapped into one. Vocally wonderful. Lyrically captivating and the music will melt your body and soul with an array of different instruments, you can almost hear ever string pluck as if your sitting next to them in a concert hall. Harmonically in tune with each other they really are a great pleasure to listen to.



The Littlest Fox’s earthy acoustic tones and enchanting harmonies bring to life stories of urban Australia.

Described by the Fairbridge Folk Festival as being “rising stars of
the local indie-folk-pop scene”, Ashlea Reale and Jenny Gaunt have brought their stories and experiences together to form The Littlest Fox. Hailing from south of Perth, the littlest
fox are fast becoming a household name.

The duo have been credited for their story telling through their music and their endearing stage banter will leave you feeling like old friends. With a handful of instruments under their belt, the girls always give a dynamic performance with absorbing vocal harmonies. The girls heartfelt stories are sure put a smile on your face.

Since recording their first album, Paper Aeroplane, in 2011, The Littlest Fox have released three albums, two music vides and toured across Australia, performing at Folk Festivals Nation wide.

Their second studio album, In a Big City, released in December 2013, is a collection of social insights, and experiences and even features a daydream about one of Australia’s most notorious bushrangers. Not long after its release, the girls set to work on their third project, Tales from Home, which features their original arrangements of a handful of traditional Australian folk songs.

The Littlest Fox have already started recording their fourth album, set to be released later in 2014.


The Littlest Fox
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