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The Lidocaine

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Fantastic mind blowing rock/metal band. These guys have it all, fast paced energetic yet melodic, symphonic and powerful at the same time, in fact everything we expect from the modern metal of today. Listening really is pleasure to your ears with mixed vocals and awesome music captivating the souls within your ear drums. Vocally Superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is to die for.


The Lidocaine started in december 2007 as a trio with Anthony Rausku in vocals and guitar, Eroz in vocals and bass and Janne Hakuli in drums. Soon after that they went to studio to record first album Voices and Noises of KILING KOLING. Album was recorded during 2008 in Fakiiriaudio studio in Vantaa, Finland by Hape Haavikko who also mixed album.CD was released in 2009 by band itself ,and it got some very good reviews in finnish and also in english magazines. Sunshine, one song from the album was published on a compilation cd by 272 Records in Hollywood, US. Both Anthony and Eroz wrote 5 songs to the album and also sang their own songs.

In 2010 band started to rehearse new songs for the second album, at which point Anthony and Eroz realised that Janne was not interested enough about the new songs so they decided to fire him. So, they had a bunch of new songs, some of which Anthony and Eroz grapped together in rehearsal room , but no drummer. Fortunately Finland is full of good drummers and they knew one very well.So in studio drums were played by Timo ”Mohkis” Huuskonen, who plays drums in finnish metal band Dead Shape Figure. Studio was again Fakiiriaudio and album was recorded by Hape Haavikko. Drums were recorded in 3 days, but due to recording engineer Haavikko´s other assignments it took 10 months to finish guitar, bass and vocal tracks. Final mixings were done in summer 2012. Cd was then mastered in D-Studio by Jarno Hänninen.After the recordings in december 2011 they found a permanent drummer, Jari Vanhanen, former drummer for finnish metal band Statue.Band played as a trio until autumn 2012 when Jura Sarlin, former bass player of Rust, joined band as a bass player and Eroz changed to guitar. In October 2013 Jura was replaced by Tatu Hiltunen as a bass player.

In November 2012 band made a publishing deal with finnish label Inverse Records.
25.1 .2013 band published a digital single ”Life Is Beautiful”.
Finally the second album On The Road To MIERO was released 15.2.2013 by Inverse Records.

The Lidocaine started more as a rock band than a metal band but during years their influences have changed more to the metal genre, mostly for progressive metal. And now when they have 4 members in the band it is easier to write songs to that genre.Band is very optimistic about the future, because they know that they have many good and unique songs and that the live sound and action is developing to a stage where anything is possible.There are some new live videos in and also a making of document of the album On The Road to MIERO.

Band started recording third album “Chicken cage of HORROR” in june 2014.
In November recordings were done and it will be released on 13.03.2015 by Inverse Records.First time in The Lidocaine´s history there were some guests in the studio : Lucie Niemelä is singing lead vocals to a metal ballad “Too late to escape ”
and Jaakko “Insestor” Suhonen and Olli “Basilisk” Teirilä did some additional growl vocals to 4 songs.A making of document is under work to be released in youtube later in spring 2015.

The Lidocaine
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