The Lady anoNYMous

The Lady anoNYMous


The Lady anoNYMous is the artist aspect of anoNYMous Raven, a writer, composer, and genderqueer activist. Trained as a pianist, they are heavily influenced by the great ladies of piano rock, Tori Amos and Amanda Palmer. They also draw inspiration from the respective kings of trip-hop and industrial music, Thom Yorke and Trent Reznor. In the past, they have been the vocalist for several metal projects. These days, however, they compose orchestral alternative rock, described as neoclassical/industrial/trip-hop fusions. A native of the US Pacific Northwest, they have lived in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. They currently reside near Kansas City, Missouri.

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Please, check out these songs in particular:
“Darkest Dreams”
“Slowly Scooting Closer”
“The Nocturnal Dervish”

The Lady anoNYMous
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