The Haunting

THE HAUNTING has recently shared “Unconditional”, the second single to go public from their forthcoming album “Survivor’s Guilt, due out March 31, 2017 via Gravel Entertainment. The song is an enchanting ballad with sweeping, atmospheric tones punctuated by impactful rhythms and impassioned melodies. (streaming link below)
The Haunting is an up and coming Brooklyn based quartet that is focused on creating a musical experience that is truly unique from their environment. Consisting of alternative and post-hardcore instrumentals, combined with modern electronic elements and the heartfelt vocals of Veronica Secreti, the band is pushing the envelope in the current New York City music scene. The Haunting will be touring in support of the new album in early 2017.






If you love this then look out for our full album!  Survivor’s Guilt, due out March 31, 2017 via Gravel Entertainment


The Haunting
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