The Haig

The Haig is a four-piece rock band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They offer a new, sonically pleasing take on progressive alternative rock. Their sound is beautifully integrated with dark, brooding synths and male/female harmonies. The technical bass and drums backline allows for layers of thick, heavily effected guitar lines that have been crafted with care.

Their independent and DIY approach to their music and varied influences between band members allows for unique combinations and layers of sound that are extremely satisfying and would be near impossible to recreate.


The Haig is Dean Morris on guitar and lead vocals, Treawna Harvey on synth and vocals, Richard Michels on bass guitar and Aaron Clark on drums.

Dean’s guitar sound is largely homemade. Literally. Dean builds his own analog effects pedals that he plays through a vintage Traynor tube amp for rich, eclectic sounds that bring forward memories of everything Primus to Mastodon.

Aaron’s highly technical and complex drum lines leave crowds in awe, scratching their heads in glorious despair. Richard’s intricate and unexpected bass lines mesh with the drums splendidly.

Treawna’s subtle and magnificent synths and backup vocals are at once submissive, understated, mesmerizing and fully gripping.

The Haig has been playing together since 2012 and have released one LP (Ghost of Nuclear Future, 2016), one 7” vinyl single (Turnbull Suit, 2016) and two EPs (Tales of Wisdom and Might, 2014 and Template for Disaster, 2013).

With respect to RBX Radio, the Haig has been showcased on Bobby B and Christie Hail’s station playing independent music from Canada every week for the past two years. The Haig is already a staple of RBX Radio and we’d love to be played on other stations showcasing independent and alternative rock. We truly believe in our music and we hope you like it as much as we do.

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The Haig
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