The Flame fields

The Flame fields




Superb rock band with highs and lows in all the right places. Both fast paced energetic and melodic at times these guys are rocking, I love there unique style of old crossed with new, just listening you can clearly here the classic rock riffs and vocal influences of yesteryear but with the added bonus of modern day rock, Think Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Hendrix crossed with The Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge & Audioslave . Vocally supreme, Lyrically superb and the music rocks big time. A definite one for your collection.


The Flame Fields The Flame fields are a searing new Australian rock band from Brisbane. Instantly recognisable with their riff driven rock, they hail back to the birth of Australian rock and roll with a modern edge. As a four piece band they command the stage with energy that cannot be contained and leaves the audience energised. With strong vocals from both guitarists, they are everything you could expect from a great Aussie powerhouse and more, scorching solo’s, unforgettable riffs and a Thunderous Rhythm section with Josh Poynter And Luke ‘Ironhead” Crowther. Up Front is Alex Bielby and Ryan Murr who as duelling singers and guitarists go Blow for Blow, Note for Note and leave no room with their wall to wall rock tones. April this year they released their first album “Getaway Train” at Brisbane’s Beetle Bar, with the singles Dangerous and Getaway Train gathering much attention amongst rock fans. Film clips are Underway for the bands singles and their next album with the working title Kaleidoscopes is in production this band shows no sign of letting up.

The Flame fields
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