The Devil In Faust’

The Devil In Faust’



Fantastic alternative rock band with a unique sound that compliments the lead singers voice. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is full of deep rock lows and highs that keeps you drifted into the music. Must have for any collection.


The Devil In Faust are an up-coming, Alternative Rock band from the West Midlands, UK. Formed in late 2014, consisting of childhood friends Alistair Pritchard, Zach Bowden & Ben Codd. After returning to their hometowns from other commitments they felt the time was right to form a band that once existed.

Lead vocalist Alistair had an archive of songs written, some from when he was aged 15, others more recent. These shape a sinister motive behind the album.

Alistair Pritchard – Vocals & Guitar
Zach Bowden – Bass Guitar

Ben Codd – Drums

The Devil In Faust’
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