The D-Day Saints

The D-Day Saints



Very good band indeed, I f you love your rock hard soft pop and more then you will love these guys, having a very unique style of crossed genres & different vocals makes them stand out from any crowd. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music kicks butt big time. One to check out the uniqueness of mixed rock is assume, there’s something for everyone .


The D-Day Saints, which is a New Zealand unsigned alt rock band featuring 7 different vocalists and spanning a variety of genres. Baz Mantis (Music and Production) Vocalists and Lyricists: Gus Kirkland (Symphony Of Lies and V Formulation) Simon McGrath (Tornado) Jasson Borgueta (Final Call) Katriel (Undone) Brendon Maher (Altar Of Destruction) Kingsley Smith (Chill Pill) Archaeo (And The Electric Dragon Rises, The Electric Dragon Falls and Good Morning) Prepare to experience variances from hardcore to hard rock to sadcore dream pop: this is a mash up different styles and genres delivered under the one united banner of The D-Day Saints. This is the birthplace of inspired decibel-centric soundscapes coupled with a healthy dose of in yer faceness and primal source code relative to the new age of rock which is about to storm the world like a stampeding herd of King Neptune’s horses tearing towards you … \m/ The D-Day Saints debut album is available for free download at the link listed below.



The D-Day Saints
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