The Crags

The Crags

They output, they roll, they shake. Five instruments among friendly, agile, precise and warm hands, with this particular feel: intensively alive. The voice, two guitars, a bass, a Hammond organ, a drum set – the feeling’s touch in aura, English through lyrics. In almost every local venue, you’ll find scars ten years old, but remaining fresh and excited. And Still trauma shaking : a tentacular hybrid rock music, feeding the poetical and sulfurous rituals of vintage spirit, sweating the since ever-loved existential initiations’ nightmare. It’s straight from the guts, stuck to your ear-drum and it shoots, hits & caresses finely with jollity. An collective art of composition , which appreciates opening its pores to various influences and dares creating unexpected combinations , demanding complexities – just for pure pleasure. There’s a nasty joy to break some musical notes of this climaxing song machine which can be listened to, sitting on a thousand chairs with a thousand lethal grimaces on your face.

The band rose from the ashes of its previous line-up, then called Drama. Formed in 2004, the band published a first album in 2006 named A morning after…, from which one of its songs was spotted and regularly broadcast on local Swiss radio station Couleur 3. From that point, the band started gigging on regular bases, mainly in the French speaking part of Switzerland and nearby France.

In 2009, “Drama” became “The Crags” after a member change in the band and recorded a new twelve song LP the same year. This new step was followed by numerous live performances, including the Montreux Jazz Festival 2010 (Music in the park), Rock en Stock 2010 Festival (Pas-de-Calais, Northern France), a gig in London, the 2011 Balélec Festival and also regular airplay on Swiss radio couleur 3, leading to a TV performance on musical program “Musicomax”, on Swiss national television station RTS.

In 2012, the band published a new 4 song EP named Loola Loola ! on vinyl format. The downloadable version of this record became available in different ways through Bandcamp, iTunes or Amazon mp3.

In June 2014, a new EP was recorded and published, The universal part of love which constituted the following up to the previous EP, under CD format this time. This one included the four songs of the Loola Loola record, completed with six new songs, recorded at Rec studios in Geneva, in April of the same year.

A musical video clip was shot on that occasion for the song “barrel of a gun”; a single which also got regular airplay on Swiss radio stations once the CD was released. The publicizing of this new record led to a series of concerts, including festivals, such as Caribana Festival (whom which the band shared the bill that evening with bands such as Queens of the stone age, Miles Kane, Kodaline) and the Mardisablés Festival.

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The Crags
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