The Brymers

The Brymers


The Brymers band is a late 1960’s rock group from California known for their classic hits of “Sacrifice” and “I Want To Tell You.” Within the last five years the group has reunited and released five CD’s: ‘Sacrifice” (24 tracks that were recorded during the 60’s); “Where Are They Now” (14 new original unheard tracks); “40 Year Brotherhood” (18 hard driving tracks); “Never Too Old To R-n-R” (20 tracks); and “The Love From Our Soul” (16 tracks – release date – March, 2013). The group is still performing at concerts and rocking the crowds with that driving 60’s flavored sound. The Brymers members are: Bill Brumley (bass and vocals); Dick Lee (drums and vocals); Jim Mellick (lead guitar, harp, and vocals); and Kenny Sinner (keyboards, sax, and vocals). All members of The Brymers write and co-write their songs. To date, the Brymers have over 130 recorded tracks in their music catalog. Many of The Brymers songs have also appeared in movies (JOBS, Chillerama, Apart), network TV programs, and commercials. The group also has over 45 videos on You Tube.

STILL TOGETHER AFTER ALL THESE YEARS ! If you were wondering where the Brymers have been since their 60’s hit “Sacrifice”, well look no further ! They have just come out with their latest CD entitled “40 Year Brotherhood”. The highlight tracks for me were “Treat Her Right”, a great up tempo number with a Kinks like riff that would make Dave Davies proud. Other top notch cuts include, “Bad Boy”, “Fit Me In” and “Do You Think You Love Me”, the last song mentioned being a fantastic little instrumental. 18 songs plus some studio chatter take you right into the heart of the Brymers’ world… a world where oldies from the 60’s meet the high tech production efforts of today. To quote The Iceman on the opening track, doing his finest Wolfman Jack voice, “It’s Time To Take Out Your Boogaloo” and enjoy the latest from the Brymers, “40 Year Brotherhood”. Mike LytleKKFI-FM Kansas City

Artist: The Brymers CD: 40 Year Brotherhood Style: Garage RockBy Beeb Ashcroft (
Quote: “There is a wide audience for this undiscovered gem, and I hope that they get a chance to hear it.”
“Sacrifice” and “I Want To Tell You” are Brymers songs from the 60s, and they are killer tracks. “I Want To Tell You” is a genuine, melodic track often compared to The Byrds, and it shines with its fantastic harmonies and rich sound. “Sacrifice” is an absolutely spot-on slice of dirty, frenetic garage rock. Lee mentioned that during the recording of this song, the amp burst into flames. Now that’s how music should be made!I am so glad that this band is starting to get some of the recognition they deserve. Their history is fascinating, and it holds a real value for listeners. There is a wide audience for this undiscovered gem, and I hope that they get a chance to hear it.

The Brymers
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