The Bronco

The Bronco



Great punk band with a nice mix up of old school punk with some cool modern sounds and heavy rock rifts. Vocally great, Lyrically superb and the music is just fantastic, Skary, punky and rocky all in one.


The Bronco was formed in 2010 and consist of Matt Dee on vocals/guitar. Nick West on bass/vocals and Peter-Oh on drums. Matt started as a 16 year old playing in one of the first Swedish punk bands in the late 70’s. He is the main songwriter in The Bronco. Forming the band he wanted to combine Sex Pistols heavy guitars with the sound of american bands like Replacements and Cheap Trick. The upcoming album is their first. After getting quite some attention from one single song released two years ago – Century Boy. The Bronco we’re invited to headline at the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm during the World Cup in snowboard and also played on Swedish Skate Awards.

The Bronco
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