The Breathing Room

The Breathing Room


Very talented singer/songwriter with a diverse unique pop/folk/alternative style. Very pleasing to listen to indeed with a broad spectrum of sounds from slow meaningful to fast toe tapping stuff. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is brilliant. Reminds me of Bread crossed with Pink Floyd and very enjoyable indeed. A must have in any collection.


I’m a Scottish Singer/Songwriter and after playing guitar and singing in bands for a number of colourful years in Dundee without catching that break we’re all looking for I decided to go it alone.
Feeling more confident and ambitious I’ve been experimenting with different sounds and effects and still play live as much as possible to hone my vocals and playing. I now write and record independently while trying to attract management, publishing and record company interest.

My tracks are a mixture of acoustic Americana, melodic story telling and multi-instrumental Folk-Pop.


The Breathing Room
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