THE BLEND (The New Who)

THE BLEND (The New Who)



Checkout this fantastic new fast paced band, Compared to the who, I couldn’t agree more. So keep your eye peeled guys this could be a new turn in the music industry….

This has to be one of the most exciting bands to emerge from South East Coast of England this year, they have already been hailed as “the young Who” and at only 16 -18 it’s not hard to see why. Their energetic new single ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ taken from their debut album ‘All Departures’ released August 26th is dripping with classic British rock style and raw passion.


The powerful video mirrors the songs primal energy and sums up the band’s anti-establishment philosophy. Reinvigorating the retro British sub-culture with a modern twist, ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ satirises the more commercial side of the music industry, showing that these young men are here to shake things up. As if that wasn’t enough, the band are releasing a behind the scenes look at the making of the video.


The guys behind this wall of sound are brothers Dylan and Freddie Smith.  The front man Dylan’s subversive vocals and punk inspired guitar riffs power through each of the tracks on their forthcoming album. Freddie’s 60’ keyboard style brings back haunting echoes of a retro Hammond that further defines the bands definitive sound, add Francis Whitley’s frantic but precise drumming, which draws parallels with the late maestro himself Keith Moon – who once said, to get your music to be a little more forceful, hit the drums harder.  If you look hard enough you’ll note Francis’s drumsticks bearing the hallmark of one of the world greatest rock drummers Zak Starkey!


With iconic friends such as Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden), Johnny Marr and Zak Starkey (The Who) this is a band to certainly watch out for …

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THE BLEND (The New Who)
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