The Black Bullets

The Black Bullets



Superb rock band indeed with that old school kick brought to life by some cool modern sounds mixed in. Reminding us big time of AC/DC crossed with Hendrix but add in a touch of southern style rock/blues with fringes of metal and it makes one awesome band indeed. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is pure rock at its best. Very pleasing to listen to indeed and a must for any collection.


Devil’s children are hard to find. Music walks amongst the mist, hearing the damned and demonic, where only the living fall.
In the night walk the Strangers, an admission of nocturnal salvation. The Black Bullets are five bastard children from hell, locked together to produce the most filthy Rock n Roll to penetrate human ears.

Liar Billy T – Vox, Venom, Harmonica
Lance Skybaby – Ladykiller, Six String Gunsliger (lead)
Skinn Klick – Hellbringer, Gunslinger (rhythm)
Jim Bones – Disaster Blaster, Bass Master
Carl. D – Tubs, Trouble, Turbulence

“They drink, live, eat, throw up, sleep, breathe and drink Rock n Roll” – Sleaze Roxx

“It’s a teenage fantasy world is this realm of hard-drinkin’, motor-bikin’ guitar-slingin’ Metal and a welcome change to dull posh-boy indie. Everywhere the Bullets play they seem to make friends with similar bands of tattoo-ed motherf***ers who want to tear it up and break it down and eventually the music press and media are gonna have to take notice of the whole raft of kick ass bands of whom the Bullets are one of the best”

Low slung guitars, booze drenched vocals and high energy grooves are hallmarks of The Black Bullets performance.
Come closer, they want to see the whites of your eyes…

The Black Bullets
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