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Ten Ton Man

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Super rock/blues/country styled singer. Very good indeed if you like Johnny Cash you’ll love this guy, with his calming deep voice and the cool smooth blues tunes you will find yourself drifting in to the flow and a good flow to. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is pure honest blues/rock.


When Ten Ton Man’s Paul Livornese hits the stage and plugs his hollow body guitar into his 18-watt amp, you forget that he was once a successful creative director based in NYC who decided to leave his day job a year ago to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a musician.

On their self-titled, indie debut album, Ten Ton Man channels the spirit of Sam Phillips’ Sun Studios, Johnny Cash and Tom Waits. Along with front man Livornese (vocals/guitar), veteran upright bassist Paul Dugan and drummer Paul Triff, a long time collaborator, round out the Ten Ton Man lineup. Dugan, who’s played with notables such as Patti Smith and Jon Spencer, was instrumental in shaping Ten Ton Man’s sound, both live and in studio. Triff’s drumming compliments
Livornese’s rich, baritone voice. Erik Della Penna’s hooky banjo riffs and slide guitar is also featured on Ten Ton Man’s debut album.

Brooklyn-born Livornese previously performed in several female fronted bands, including Honest (which sported several placements on MTV shows like “Road Rules” and “House of Style”). After a successful design career, Livornese decided to pursue writing and performance.

Ten Ton Man’s music is heartfelt and emotional, dealing with themes like death, guilt, shame, frustration and anger, but ultimately redemption. Its thematic roots lie in Livornese’s own struggle to find his muse, set against the backdrop of his father’s death, several failed band projects and a penchant for dating. From the well-named opener, “Ditty”, which offers a cleansing purge, to the somber tune “Carry It”, a tribute to Johnny Cash and Livornese’s father, Ten Ton Man takes listeners on a personal journey that is never less than compelling.









Ten Ton Man
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