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Temper Cartel started life as an Oxford based writing partnership in July 2015. Although a relatively new project, Josh Alden (Songwriter/ Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist) and Danny Fisher (Lead Guitar/Arrangements) have been making music together since early 2014 in a previous Oxford based band. After enduring a personal tragedy, 3 month hiatus and a line-up change Josh and Danny decided to take their music in a different, more alternative direction under the name Temper Cartel.
Temper Cartel’s Lo-Fi Demos attracted the attention of Mark Gardener (lead singer and guitarist of the band RIDE/song writer and producer) who, along with Nick Moorbath (musician/promoter/producer and entrepreneur) and Tim Turan (renowned mastering engineer) has begun to produce the band’s debut album. So far, these album sessions have spawned five singles that are due to be released throughout the second half of 2016, with Loz Colbert (RIDE) lending his drumming talents whilst the band awaited a full line up.
The first single ‘Bad Influence’ has now been released on major platforms (Spotify, iTunes) for which a soon-to-be-released music video with an intriguingly dark narrative has been produced by the band. The band have also finished production on the video for the second single ‘Babysitter’, which was directed by Paul W Franklin and is due out early October. The fairly recent addition of drummer (and cousin to Josh) Sam Alden has allowed the band to prepare for an intense live show in order to showcase a wealth of new material.

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