TanyaMae/Singer songwriter

TanyaMae/Singer songwriter



Wow mind blowing. This lovely lady is one very talented rock/blues/alternative singer/songwriter. Proof is in the listening, reminding us of Karen Carpenter crossed with Sheryl Crow then throw in some Fleet wood Mac. Vocally supreme, Lyrically Superb and the music is just awesome. A must have for any collection.


TanyaMae has a way of bringing truth and reality to music. Her lyrics are poignant and inspiring. Her delivery is an emotional combination of her musical influences. Slow, smooth, enticing, and then she hits you between the eyes with passion and reality…..You can’t help but listen again and again…you can’t get it out of your head.
TanyaMae is a Singer/Songwriter, who has been performing in classic rock/blues and country bands since 2006. Her songwriting talents range from Contemporary Pop/Rock, Southern Rock. Country, and Americana/Folk/Blues. TanyaMae is currently working on her new album “Never Too Late” with Frank Starchak at Deltona Records. Tanya is currently on hiatus as she cares for her husband as he battles with terminal cancer.



TanyaMae/Singer songwriter
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